Friday, July 6, 2012



Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, June 2012

Mandawi is not only the largest whole sale market in Kabul, but also in Afghanistan. I assume 70 percent of the consumer goods traders have an agency or their entire business here. The market is normally a whole sale bazaar, but people from around Kabul come to this place to buy their stuff (consumer goods). In this market you can buy anything you need (home appliances to smallest thing, clothes, hardware and food items). Close to the area there is the bird market where you can find almost any kind of pets as well.

People at work

Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, July 2012

I call this people at work because every subject is busy doing something, including the girls.


Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, June 2012,

Snake Shows

The seller and illusionist

Marketing products

Audiences, not only buyers, but also enjoy the snake show and jugglery


Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, June 2012

One of the good things is Kabul is the existence of jugglers and street sellers. When I say jugglers and street sellers, this means, Afghans who sell stuff (medicines for different purposes, especially for sexual stamina and men's health), but besides selling they have their unique way of marketing. They have snakes shows and playing with cards to stick people and they leave the show half to sell stuff, then start the rest of the show.