Monday, May 14, 2012

Around Kabul City!

Kabul, Center of the city, downtown

Pol-e Kheshti Mosque and Kabul River view from 3100 meter above sea level

Downtown view

Kabul City, Western Kabul view, Dehmazang and Karte Chahar

US Military convoy. What do we call them? Friendlies, but doesn't match them when you get closer

Eastern Kabul and Kabul River, this is only at 7:00 am, imagine a beautiful city like Kabul is polluted like this.

Timur Shahi (King Timur Shah Durrani), he brought the capital from South to Kabul in 18 century

Wood sellers, these woods are used for the roofs when building houses
Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 11, 2012

Kabul City with a history of thousands of years and a mountainous environment can be a potential city to attract 1000s of tourists every year. The altitude normally 1500 meters above sea level makes the weather a little dry and the winters can go down to almost -20 degrees, but people especially in old times used to be more friendly and hospitable, civil wars, immigration and time changed a lot of things in the city including people's attitudes. What I believe we are lacking now is the middle class in the society to evolve everything and education is the key to that.


  1. I really liked these Kabul Morning Photos, and I have seen too many sources are used these photos for their pages and groups.
    anyway way these morning photos are a Great piece!