Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kabul Municipality Employees!

Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 25, 2012,

They do good work cleaning Kabul, but there is a problem, because of a bad canalization system in the city, they have to take everything out of the canals on the roadside and leave it for a few days to get dried and then transport to Neverland!.

Traditional Carriage System!

Photo by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 2012,

This type of carriage system is very common in many eastern countries. Afghanistan is one of them. People still prefer to rent them carry their goods from very short distances to longest 15 km. They are reliable and cheap, but the problem is the people carrying these rolling pieces of wood, they are mostly between 25 to 60 years old.

Consequences of War!

DarulAman Palace

Inside DarulAman Palace...

Inside Kabul River, after a flood, drug addict's home

Photo by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, 2011 and 2012

Kabul Bazaars!

Vegetable seller

Road Side Barber, Still exists in Kabul
Photos by Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, 2011

Winter Transportation Challenges

Photo by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, December 2011,

This photo should have been added in the winter, but still it is not late to hang it. In Kabul as 3.5 million population city, along a lot of other problems (expensive house rents, food items and etc), the transportation is yet another big challenge. You can realize this especially at 6 - 8 and 15 to 19 hours. But this problem is even bigger in the winter. People who do not have their own means of transportation have to double even triple. Japan, Iran, Pakistan and India donated more than 3000 buses for the National transportation Directorate, but Kabulis still fight to cop with this issue.

Comparative Kabul!

Darul Aman Road, Kabul

Darul Aman Road, Kabul
Photos by: Sulaiman Latifi, May 2010 and September 2011,

I would like to thank my good friend Sulaiman Latifi first for his photos. Even though I don't want add others photos in my blog, but these two photos are not bad to show the people that Afghanistan is improving. This is the same road in two different times. Sometimes we all shout and cry that the new government has not done anything in the these ten years, but the truth is a bit different. I am one of the people who really don't like this government, but they have still done a lot, the new security forces, reconstructions, freedom for women and so on are the achievements they had during the ten years. I will soon try to upload more photos of Kabul under construction.

Monday, May 14, 2012

School Student

Photo by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 2012

Looking to the world, I would love to take a comparative shot of a school student from outside Afghanistan. This is how our children by 85 percent study at school.

The Great Wall of Kabul

The Great Wall of Kabul. Zanbourak Shah Mountain
Photo by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 2012

This wall exists here on the mountain in Kabul City, I don't know very much about the history and age of it, but one thing is sure and that is, the wall is going down and is being destroyed by force majeur and people are also playing a great role in destroying it. They built houses in the mountain skirts where the wall begins.

Around Kabul City!

Kabul, Center of the city, downtown

Pol-e Kheshti Mosque and Kabul River view from 3100 meter above sea level

Downtown view

Kabul City, Western Kabul view, Dehmazang and Karte Chahar

US Military convoy. What do we call them? Friendlies, but doesn't match them when you get closer

Eastern Kabul and Kabul River, this is only at 7:00 am, imagine a beautiful city like Kabul is polluted like this.

Timur Shahi (King Timur Shah Durrani), he brought the capital from South to Kabul in 18 century

Wood sellers, these woods are used for the roofs when building houses
Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 11, 2012

Kabul City with a history of thousands of years and a mountainous environment can be a potential city to attract 1000s of tourists every year. The altitude normally 1500 meters above sea level makes the weather a little dry and the winters can go down to almost -20 degrees, but people especially in old times used to be more friendly and hospitable, civil wars, immigration and time changed a lot of things in the city including people's attitudes. What I believe we are lacking now is the middle class in the society to evolve everything and education is the key to that.

Bagh-e Babur

Bagh-e Babur from Sherdarwaza Mountain
Masjid Baburi. This Masjid is all made of white marble and has around 470 years.

Bagh-e Babur, the pillars of reception hall

Afghan families gather in the garden everyday. Fridays usually are the most crowded days.
Photos by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, May 11, 2012

Bagh-e Babur (Babur Garden), used to be king Babur Shah's castle in 16 century, he died in India and was buried in Agra and later he was brought to Kabul in Babur Garden. During the Soviet invasion like many other countries and historical monuments Babur Garden changed to a swimming pool and a site only for time pass, but thanks to the Aga Khan Trust for Culture for rehabilitating and changing the site to a wonderful historical garden with a beautiful view of western Kabul.

I have seen many of the Baburi gardens and castles in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan and a sole and great thing about them is that they all are situated in the high altitudes of the cities and give you a perfect view.