Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Afghan Young Generation!

Photo by: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, March 26, 2012,

I am driving home and it is 1800 hours. This young gentleman is sitting on a garbage area and trying to clean the shoes thrown away for his own use. I forgot to remove the filter from my camera lens and the weather is getting dark.

He might have maximum 23 years and addicted to drugs. He is not the only one. We have a marine force (addicted) from 12 years to 60 years underneath a bridge in western Kabul, (District #13). Where they live should now be full of water because the Kabul River starts to be crazy. I don't know how and who will stand against this crime and genocide to stop it. Now a days we see situations like this everywhere in Kabul. Children, women and addicts begging, trying to clean cars windows to take money. I don't know why am I writing this, but the only thing I know is this is something we should let the world know about. Afghan youths are being suppressed in a lot of different ways, one of them is to put them in the chain of addiction. There might be 1000s of reasons behind this.


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