Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Advertisements in Afghanistan!

Photo by: Mohammad Ibrahim Wahid, March 2012

Among a lot of things that are not up to international standards in Afghanistan. One of them is TV, Radio and visual advertisements (billboards, signboards and etc...). Language errors, misspellings, dullness, no meaning these are the things you can usually see in Afghanistan. The reason! Easy, the companies involved in the advertisement business either don't have the human resources required or they don't pay good salaries. But one more thing is that they hired Pakistanis who don't have knowledge of local language and they don't know how the society functions.

This billboard is from the revenue department of ministry of finance. The main subject if you succeed to understand says register yourself to pay taxes. But it is written and prepared in a very unprofessional way that makes it difficult to understand and besides it a definite visual pollution.


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