Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Band-e Amir!

Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, 2009.

Afghan Marble Quarry

Marble Quarry in Chesht-e Sharif, Herat Province.
Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, February 2009.

According to a survey by the USGS, Afghanistan has a potential of 500 years of marble deposits, but because the ministries and government is corrupt nobody cares about it. Every quarry can employ a minimum of 500 people. The quality of the Afghan white marble can easily compete the Italian Carrara marble, but who cares.

Afghan Truck Drivers!

Afghan Trucks.
Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, 2007

The Age of Innocence!

Photo By: Mohammad Ibrahim Wahid, March 2011.

I guess this never comes back. When we are children, we are interested to and very much keen to grow up, become like our fathers, mothers and/or any other role models we have. But once grown up we always wish we could just travel backward even for a short while.

Looks Horrible, but Tastes Good

Photos By: Mohammad Ibrahim Wahid 2011.

Among a lot of good food Afghans have, one of them is the sheep head and cows legs. In the market it seems horrible, but truly it tastes good. Not a lot of restaurants in Kabul prepare this.

City Views!

Mazari Sharif, Shrine of Hazrat Ali

Shah-e Doshamshira, Kabul. Kabul River, starts flowing from Paghman Mountains.
Its a river by name most of the time the dirtiest place in Kabul. Now is the place for
addicts. Safe home. What we call it the Marines.

Downtown in Kabul. One of the most crowded places, especially during public events, like Eid, New Year and so on.
Photos By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid.