Saturday, December 24, 2011

Natural fruits of Afghanistan

Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, September 2011
Afghanistan has a great potential of different types of fruits one of which is pomegranate, yet still there are 10,000 of thousands of people jobless because our politicians are a bunch of dummies who just think for themselves. Imagine if we had a few of these fruit juice processing factories in the country, why would we need to import millions of liters of fruit juice from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and other places.


  1. Wish you had put up photos of other fruits native to your country.

    1. Thanks, I am planning to do so, but now it is winter and then besides, this is the beginning of my way to go.

      Please keep your comments posting, this will help me a lot.

  2. Mohammed Jan, I wonder if you can take some pictures of my old neighborhood. It has been 30yrs since i left my beloved country. My old neighborhood was wazir akbar khan Street 13 zoe and house # 4. My father build it and we only lived there 2yrs prior to the war.. Please let me know if it is possible.. thanks alot

  3. Yama Jan,

    I will be more than happy to post some photos of WAK. These days the security is not good and WAK is now a high profile area. I have to see the chances. I will let you know.