Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is what Kabulis Breath!

Deh Bouri. In this place people have houses that cost million dollars. Who is ready to pay 500 Afs (10 bucks) to clean in front of his house. Instead they just drop the trash in the road side!

Kabul black sea! It is a river that carries mostly shit and trash!

This is what they do! Take the trash out on the road and it turns into dust and we breath it. In a last research they siad people in Kabul breaths crap everyday and counting that every individual breaths 500 grams every month. But who cares!

This is in front of a private hospital. Take the shit out of the canals and people would breath it. What goes from the government authorities. They just drive 100km/h in the small tiny roads of Kabul. They don't smell and breath them.


  1. Great as always! You have the eye for sure! You gave me the photos of the shoe repair person and the kid on the Iranian border along with many other photos of yours I treasure and I've used both in my presentation on Afghanistan. Keep 'em coming!


  2. I can't even contemplate how awful that must smell...