Thursday, December 29, 2011

Buddhas in one!

Photo By: Mohammed Ibahim Wahid, September 2009

Broken Angle!

Broken Statue of the Buddhas in Bamyan. The broken Statue of Buddha, a clear and sound symbol of the Taliban's barbarianism in the 20th century.


Bamyan, Band-e Amer, Afghanistan's National Park. This place has been added in the world heritage at UNESCO after the fall of Taliban.

Darah-e Azhdar, Bamyan Province.

Photos By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, September 2009.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kabul City View!

Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, February 2010
Kabul City View from the top of Foroshgah-e Bozourg Afghan,

Majid Poul-e Kheshti

Photo By Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, February 2010

Kabul City from High Altitude!

Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, November 2011
Kabul City Northern area from 2500 meters. TV Hill.

Kabul Airport

Photo By Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, 2009

Kabul Airport.

Natural fruits of Afghanistan

Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, September 2011
Afghanistan has a great potential of different types of fruits one of which is pomegranate, yet still there are 10,000 of thousands of people jobless because our politicians are a bunch of dummies who just think for themselves. Imagine if we had a few of these fruit juice processing factories in the country, why would we need to import millions of liters of fruit juice from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and other places.

Life of a Cobler in Kabul!

Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, 2011

Daily Life in Kabul!

Daily Life in Kabul, Foroshgah, Kabul City.
Photo By: Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, December 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Afghan Trucks!

Decorated pieces of the big trucks.

Afghan Heavy Weight Transportation System

Photo By: Mohammad Ibrahim Wahid,

Torkham Border Customs, Eastern Afghanistan. These trucks usually transport goods from Pakistan to Afghanistan and vice versa.

Afghan Heavy Weight Transportation System

Photo By: Mohammad Ibrahim Wahid,
Torkham Border, Eastern Afghanistan,  February 2007

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Afghan Youths!

What will he become?

Islamqala border port. This kid keeps Iranian truck and they give him diesel instead. There are 100s of him. Think of his future...

Kabul View!

Mouharam in Kabul!

Kabul View!

تشناب يا كورس رانندگي؟

Our city is our Home!

When do we really learn to live in a city? This is behind the wall of Ministry of Higher Education. I think women have way more tolerance than men. Poor ladies. Sometimes because there are public latrines in the town they have to keep it for hours. But men they just sit wherever they find.


People spend money and energy to create brand and name, but as a right to copy law country in Afghanistan we just copy it. Who cares. No government and law to ask about

Darul Aman Palace

Masjid Baburi

Masjid Baburi, Bagi Babur, Kabul

Rainbow in Kabul

Graveyard or Playground?

Multifunctional graveyard. Playing ground for the children around!

What happens to donations!

What a donation. I wonder why Afghanistan have lost more than 50bn dollars. This is just a part of it. Donations go private.

Be aware of thieft!

The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI). They locked the computers because students steal the computer hardware. This is what we are. Young generation's mentality.

Kabul Shrine of Hazrati Ali (RA)

Afghans spend massive of amounts of charity money from around the world or even their own money to build mosques. Now in every street there are at least 2 Masjids. What if they could build a few stadiums and parks for the people to spend their free time!

Afghan Children's Disney Land!

Kabul, Sakhi's Graveyard. Children's playground!

Afghan Transportation System!

Volga model 1980s.

War Consquences

Houses on the TV Hill!

Darul Aman Palace! King Amanullah Khan used to live here!